For Their Own Good & That of the Planet

BYBS develops digital content for young people to help them navigate the emotional dimensions of climate change.

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Why BYBS?Inspiring emotional resilience in the face of climate change

At BYBS, we are creating a new future for our children and youth. One that gives them hope and agency over their lives while promoting environmental awareness, climate change education, and social justice.

Scientific Research

Our digital content is developed in light of the most up-to-date, cutting-edge, interdisciplinary sciences relevant to psychological dimensions of climate change education.

Children’s & Youth’s Rights

Every single one of us should have a fair chance of being their best self – we educate young people about the importance of advocating for their rights in the context of climate change, and how to have their voices heard.

Entertainment To Educate

Our approach is entertaining, approachable and rewarding. We want to change the climate change narrative by creating hope-based and solution-oriented digital content that lightens the tone of the climate conversation.

Evidence Informed

Our mixed-methods approach values both participatory approaches and analytical strategies. We believe in drawing from all kinds of data sources to help shed light on the social and psychological complexities of climate change.

Our GameThe Layers

At BYBS, we are creating a new future for our children. One that puts their interests first, and gives them ownership over their career path while promoting environmental awareness and climate change education.

About The Game

“The Layers” is a Survival Adventure RPG video game which will depict a teen’s hero’s journey through a dystopian world. The player will be faced with important decisions that need to be made to move the narrative forward. Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated feedback loops will engage the player in meaningful ways to promote personal growth and career development as well as environmental awareness and climate change education.

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About The Book

They’re the “lucky” ones—the ten percent of the world’s population who managed to survive the ravages of global warming. But in the face of worldwide destruction, with the earth’s surface no longer compatible with human life, these men, women, and children soon found themselves with no other choice than to move underground.

You can read the full synopsis on the Amazon book page.

The 100JCRevolutionary ideas that can change the world

Our innovative approach combines climate change education with early career and positive development to support children and youth in their quest for self-discovery while promoting social responsibility. Because we are in ‘this’ together.

The 100JC

The 100 Jobs Challenge is our signature interactive program designed to promote early career and positive development, climate change awareness, and social justice. Developed to meet the specific needs of children and youth in their early stages of career development, this program promotes self-discovery, opens participants’ minds to a wide range of career options, while teaching socio-emotional skills, resilience. and environmental awareness. The 100JC can be delivered as summer camps, spring and winter breaks, after school programs, or in-class modules.

“Every child is a new chance for the whole human race.”

The Hon. Landon Pearson, O.C.

About UsWe make a difference, for young people and for the Planet

For children, the world sometimes feels like a constant boss battle, especially when facing the climate change giant. We help young people tap onto their inner strength and channel their emotions into climate action. In other words, we give them the tools they need to do their part in the fight against climate change and make the world a healthier and more inclusive place for all.

About BYBS

Established in 2019, Be Your Best Self (BYBS) is based in the areas of the psychology of climate change and gaming. Founded by Stefania Maggi, an academic and child rights advocate, the genesis of BYBS came from a desire to empower young people through education of their rights and the emotional impacts of climate change.

BYBS’s digital content is developed in light of the most up-to-date, cutting-edge, interdisciplinary sciences. and through youth participatory processes.


To defeat the climate change boss.


To prepare young people across the globe for the ultimate fight against climate change.


Our multi-generational & diverse team has a radical vision of the future. We are compassionate, inventive and guided by the highest scientific and ethical standards. With much of our team members being under 30, we walk the talk, every step of the way.

Advisory Board

Children’s Rights Advisory Board – CRAB

We sought out expertise of national and international reach to establish the CRAB, a team of advisors with a common goal: the promotion of children’s rights. CRAB works as a network to provide insights from a rights-based perspective that aids in the development and functions of BYBS as a socially impactful enterprise, as well as the development and applications of its experiences.

Get InvolvedHelp us start the change

There are several ways to get involved in our mission – whether it’s partnering with us, testing our game or simply spreading the word. Contact us today if you are interested in putting children and youth in the driver’s seat of their own future.

Contact Us

We love to hear from anyone with an interest in empowering children and youth around the world – whether you are a parent, a teacher, a child, a youth or an activist.

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